Penn’s Corner Charitable Trust, Inc., is a nine county 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to “enhance the area’s natural resources and build strong communities by fostering regional partnerships, securing resources, and delivering needed services and programs.” The organization is governed by a 45 member board made up of conservation districts representatives and county commissioners.  The organization is currently staffed primarily by employees of the Allegheny County Conservation District. The organization also houses the River Alert Information Network (RAIN), which is a PA DEP and membership supported Source Water Protection program that monitors and reports water quality in near real-time to better ensure the protection of public health and drinking water across the region.

Penn’s Corner was initially formed under the federal Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) program of the USDA.  The creation of the RC&D areas was authorized by an act of Congress in 1962 with the purpose of expanding opportunities for conservation districts, local units of governments, and individuals to improve their communities by working cooperatively across multi-county areas.

The idea to create a multi-county organization to coordinate and fund conservation projects in Southwestern Pennsylvania began in 1971 with a series of meetings held by commissioners and conservation district representatives from Allegheny, Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland Counties. The five counties established official sponsorship, and Penn’s Corner RC&D Area was created when a constitution and by-laws were adopted on April 5, 1972.  USDA approval came December 10, 1973.  By 1983, 49 projects had been completed, and this success triggered regional interest.  Sponsors from Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, and Indiana Counties contacted Penn’s Corner, and on April 22, 1983 their inclusion into the area was approved.

Our Vision:

Complete Restoration and ongoing conservation of our natural resources, in harmony with strong, productive communities.

Our mission:

To enhance the area’s natural resources and build strong communities by fostering regional partnerships, securing resources, and delivering needed services and programs.

Our Region:

Southwestern Pennsylvania is known for its beautiful rolling hills, trout streams, vibrant communities and warm, industrious people. It is also known for the adverse impacts coming from a long history of mining and manufacturing. Some of the hills are eroding and some of the streams are polluted with abandoned mine drainage pollution and sewage. Historically, the region was the early frontier, the keystone to an expanding America. The southwestern part of the “Quaker State” was on the front line of the French and Indian War and struggled through the Whiskey Rebellion and Civil War. Later we provided the coal, coke, steel, natural gas, manufacturing and able manpower that helped us win two world wars and other international conflicts. Waves of immigrants, mostly from Eastern Europe, built this region.

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